Making Choices Where they Count.
Time has changed not only our World but our Markets and Products!

CHEMSFREE assists our neighbors by standing behind Practical and Focused guidance provided by updated research to Discover, Remove and Replace Harmful LIFE PRODUCTS**, Services or Business Practices we require daily to live.

Life Products**

Choices or Items we loyally purchase and faithfully support for the lifetime of the Product or our life.

Enviormental Working Group (EWG)

Picture putting sunscreen on your skin, knowing it has toxic chemicals in it.

Envision biting into a carrot, knowing it’s tainted with pesticides.

Imagine drinking a cup of water, knowing it’s contaminated by pollutants from local farms and factories. 

This is the world we live in. But we deserve better.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same.
World Health Organization (WHO)
Dedicated to the well-being of all people and guided by science, the World Health Organization leads and champions global efforts to give everyone, everywhere an equal chance to live a healthy life.


From 2009 CHEMSFREE started to look into our modern history and as we found truths, we Challenged ourselves and neighbors to Identify questionable ingredients found in "Life products".


The Chemical Age was developed

As the world experimented with new processes and pushing SCIENCE to its very limits during it's TIME.




The world was turned upside down and accelerated with the world wars, epidemics and other rising issues.


Dangers in our food, water and air supply just increased in scope.



Many pushed change through political measures. 
        ○ Was that going to be us?


From 1970 (years later) modern awareness increased and pushed changes for positive life choices. 
        ○ Many changed and supported new brands or alternatives to replace tainted products that were discovered to not be safe.
        ○ Was this going to be us? - Sounds like a good start we could imitate



Many protested and fought for laws to increase ethical standards by supporting products or processes during the Organic and ecofriendly movements that swept the countries.
        ○ Were we going to join protests or voting matches?
        ○ Was that going to be us?


What we concluded after 2 years of research into our global history. 
        ○ Despite Political or Mass movements, the problem continues:
            § Since 2009 Chemsfree started compiling research facts that would help ourselves navigate the modern Chemical age pushed by science, technology and Media. 
            § We started to help first ourselves. 
            § We would then extend to family, friends and neighbors to help them make more impactful choices and promote trustworthy brands for our "Life.



But How? 
        ○ How can individuals accomplish a task of this grand magnitude. 
        ○ our secular education prepared us but not to where we needed to propell our thoughts 
        ○ We honed our minds to think outside of our degrees and learned from the master researchers, published scientific resarch creating a foundational business model
        ○ We also used the practical lessons provided by our worldwide ministerial education training and remain politically neutral.
        ○ Studying the history of man and looking at ancient and current world history, we noticed many patterns.


Who do we blame?
        ○ Politicians - not making the right changes
        ○ Laws - blocking or pushing changes (Time helps to move this)
        ○ Media and Manufacturers: people making the product
        ○ Advertisers: those endorsing the brand
        ○ Protestors - Taking violent stands
        ○ Doctors - not prescribing non-synthetic options
        ○ Business owners: Those selling the products
        ○ We and Our loved ones: those purchasing the products



        ○ We started thinking:
            § If protests and politics can't move change quickly, what can be a catalyst or driver of changes.
                □ Laws are slow and political measures are not true ways of impacting the fastest change following the pattern of history.
        ○ The CHEMSFREE Challenge was developed and created!
            § We broke down every part of basic human life and started rebuilding with research provided for our benefit.
        ○ MONEY 
            § Not the acquiring of money, but looking at money as our means of acquiring the needs of life - A simple but far reaching thought. 
                □ It became our VOTING POWER for marketed or advertised brands and manufacturers.
            § A GOOD business will CHANGE bad practices TO KEEP their bottom line or they go OUT OF BUSINESS
        ○ We personally have to ask - Is my health worth the changes required?
Many of our loved ones are no longer around due to health related conditions.

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The Chemsfree challenge helps you to avoid harmful ingredients by gaining practical awareness on: EDUCATION, HEALTH, WEALTH.

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